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Harley Davidson Nightster Legend

Harley Davidson Nightster Legend is a motorcycle model that attracts attention with its unique style and powerful performance that dominates the night. This legendary motorcycle, which inspires night journeys, offers riders an unforgettable experience.


Nightster is a model belonging to Harley Davidson's Sportster series. It was first introduced and released in 2007. The Nightster has been attracting the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts ever since. With its original design and freedom-filled spirit, Nightster is a motorcycle special for night riding.

Technicial Specifications:

Harley Davidson Nightster is powered by the legendary Evolution engine of the Sportster series. This 1200 cc engine promises drivers an exciting driving experience by offering high torque and acceleration performance. In addition, with its advanced transmission system and optimized suspensions, Nightster provides solid grip and control on the road.

Usage Advantages:

Nightster does not compromise on superior performance in various conditions, from urban driving to night journeys. Thanks to its original and compact design, you can move quickly and agilely through traffic. In addition, its ergonomic driving position and comfortable seat reduce fatigue even on long journeys.

Who is it designed for:

Harley Davidson Nightster is designed for a wide range of motorcycle lovers with its unique style and performance. It can be said that it is an excellent choice especially for urban drivers and night drivers looking for adventure. Nightster is a motorcycle preferred by brave riders with its strong stance and characteristic design.

Harley Davidson Nightster is a favorite of motorcycle lovers with its unique design, powerful performance and style special for night rides. If you have a spirit full of freedom, this motorcycle is for you!

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